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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

We will help you in understanding and being understood.

Translation Service

Different kinds of translations and proof reading

Documents that are translated insufficiently or not at all can destroy your business plans. Russian native speakers will translate all your documents correctly. Your documents will look like written by a Russian.

Funds of European Cooperation offers excellent services for professional and private translations:

• Commercial texts, commercial correspondence, business presentations, business reports, requests, offers, contracts etc.

• Marketing material for selling and advertising your products (marketing translations)

• Technical documentation, product discriptions, user mannuals, service mannuals, specifications, computer mannuals, training material, etc.

• Special translations:

• Economical texts

• Legal texts and documents

• Scientific texts

• Technological and technical texts

• Translation of your website (designing your website)

• Translations of all kinds of certificates

• Proof reading of your translations under cultural aspects and correcting them accordingly

We offer the service of experienced, professional translators translating from and into the following languages German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages. We will use appropriate and correct vocabulary as well as write in a good style. You will receive the finished translations by email, fax, on floppydisk or on CD or printed by post.

Express service

• We assure you to translate all documents and texts correctly and in time. You can send your texts by email and you will receive the finished translations by email. You can choose between several document types.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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