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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Anything is possible! Tell us what you want and we will make it possible!

Export to & import from Russia

Are you looking for new export possibilities or cheap import possiblities?

Russia, with more than 140 million potential customers, is an attractive market place. There are a lot of raw materials, semifinished and finished goods and products.

Funds of European Cooperation trades with foreign products and services in Russia as well as with Russian products and services in Europe and establishes import and export relations. Take advantage of our experience in establishing business relations. We will advize you on export possibilities for your products or import possibilites for products you need. We will support you in finding adequate business partners and establishing new business relations.

the right products

We will look for products according to your wishes. We will look for manufacturers of products you need and offer their products to you. After receiving samples, prices, terms and conditions, you will be able to decide on which products to buy. On demand, we will do all shipment.

exports – external management of your export activities

You do not export your products although there is a great demand for them abroad?

We will manage your export activities in Russia. We are highly experienced in trades and exports and offer you to manage all export activities. We will do everything, including the preparation of all necessary documents. Take advantage or our experience.!

Here you will find current offers.

imports – how to reduce your expenses!

You would like to reduce your expenses or have your products manufactured cheaply? We offer you an alternative to importing directly or involving experts, that will demand a lot of money.

Start with inquiring for the products you need with us. We will immediately deal with your inquiry and will look for offers. If you are interested in our offers, we will prepare a purchase contract. We offer you full service. Basing on the contract, we will do all communication with the respective supplier or dealer. In addition to that, we will also do all shipment. You will be the importer and we will provide you with all information on expenses, prices, terms and conditions, etc.

Here you will find more information on producing in Russia.

foreign trade consulting

In addition, we will advize you thoroughly on export and import possibilities in Russia. We will tell you which steps to take. We will also tell you all terms and conditions. Furthermore, we offer you support in legal and fiscal affairs.

Here you will find more information on foreign trade consulting.

Take advantage from our experience, contact, and knowledge of the situation on the Russian and European markets. You will be able to import at low costs and at low risk!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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