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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

We will act as your sales representative!

Sales representative office

Would you like to do more than simply exporting your products and services through wholesalers and sales agents? Would you like to offer the same services to your customers abroad and to your customers at home without founding a branch abroad? Are you looking for reliable trade representatives or a back office in Russia supporting you in administering your Russian business activities? Are you looking for sales agents for your products in Russia?

When exploring new markets it is very important to actually be there. Deciding for financially limited ways of distribution will definitely be of advantage when launching new products on a market, as there are always a lot of risks.

Funds of European Cooperation will manage your back office or act as your sales representatives in Russia. You will be able to keep your expenses low.

Representing your company

We will represent your company in Russia including all managing work. We will keep an eye on the market, develop plans and business strategies, start marketing campaigns and keep close contact to your Russian business partners and customers.

One or more persons will be responsible for your company and work according to your order. This will be the first step for actually founding a branch or outlet of your company. You will only be charged for the time invested in your company. You will be provided with important information on your target market. Furthermore, we will help you to establish important contacts for your future business activities.

Managing your back office

We will temporarily represent your interests in Russia. We will do all administration work, answer telephone calls and do all commercial correspondence with your Russian business partners. We will provide you with all contact information, address, telephone of fax number of your back office in Russia for your customers` information.

In cooperation with you, we will develop excellent and flexible plans for successfully distributing your products and services.

Acting as your sales representative

We already act as sales representatives for several European companies and successfully introduced a large variety of products to the Russian market.

We will contact (potential) customers, offer them your products at prices and conditions you stated beforehand and offer advice and additional services. We will complete all orders and business deals and provide you with all necessary information.

We know the Russian market and speak the language of our customers!

Take advantage from our work

from the very first day of our cooperation:

Your company will be excellently represented in Russia.

You will have employees in Russia working for your success in business.

You will no longer have to deal with language problems.

You will be given the unique opportunity to do business in Russia successfully and at low risk!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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