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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Your trip to Saratov will be an extraordinary experience!

Your internship in Saratov

Your internship in Saratov–

Cultural capital next to the river Volga

Saratov is a beautiful city with a long history located next to the river Volga. In Saratov there are a lot of sights and cultural monuments to be visited. Here you can also admire the river Volga- the longest and most famous river of Russia. Lying on its beaches, going on it by boat or ship should belong to your summer program.

Saratov is not only a city where many students live, but it is also an important cultural center of the Volga-Valley Region. In Saratov there are many cinemas, theaters and other possibilities to spend your free time. This will make your stay to be an extraordinary experience.

Some information on Saratov

Saratov was founded in 1590.

Today, about 1 Million people live in Saratov.

The Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany invites all German citizens to meet the Consul.

Saratov is located in the historical center of Russia in the European part of the Russian Federation, 852 km south-east of Moscow. Two other important cities near Saratov are Samara in the north and Volgograd in the south (both about 400km from Saratov).

Saratov is the regional industrial, agricultural and cultural center.

In Saratov continental climate is prevailing (as Saratov is located far more to the south it is generally warmer than in Moscow).

The average temperatures are: in summer +24  C, in winter –12 to –15  C

In July and August, the water temperature of the river Volga is about +23 C. In winter the river is covered with ice, which is about 1.5m thick. Then it is possible to do cross country skiing on the river.

Saratov and its neighbour city Engels are connected by a bridge with a length of 3 km.

You can find more information on Saratov on the following websites:

www.saratov.ru (in Russian) www.saratov.de (in German) and www.goeocities.com (in English)


Like any other modern city, Saratov belongs to a dense traffic network. It can be reached directly from Europe by plane or by train. Motorways connect Saratov to Pensa, Volgograd, Samara and other cities in Russia. Saratov is also connected to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Western Ural, the Baltic countries and to the Black and White Sea by a chanal system. In summer up to 56 ships can enter the port of Saratov.

In Saratov you can find all public means of transport, except a subway system.

In Saratov you can find GSM and CDMA communication standards, as well as DHL and UPS post services.

Agriculture and Industry

The agricultural sector is highly developed in Saratov Region. Farming is predominant. Due to a profitable network of the food processing industry, all raw materials produced in Saratov Region can be manufactured directly and the population can be supplied with food.

Mechanical and electrical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry and the construction industry are among the most important industrial sectors of this region. Devices for precission work, airplanes, electrical melting furnaces, gas, diesel and other petrochemical products as well as furniture are produced here. More than 2000 medium- and large-sized companies are located in this region today.

Workforce Potential and Academical Institutions

In Saratov you can find a highly qualified workforce. 6 scientific schools for higher education, 12 other schools for higher education, the National University (the most famous and best university of the Volga-Valley Region) as well as 21 centers for scientific research and 19 institutes for scientific projects can be found in Saratov.

Foreign trade relations

In Saratov region you can find several German-Russian companies. In Saratov there are the most joint venture companies making the highest profits of the whole Volga-Valley Region.

Cultural relations to Germany

Saratov is the former capital of the republic of Volga-Germans in the Soviet Union. Therefore, many citizens have German roots. As a consequence of these historical relations to Germany, in Saratov region more than anywhere else in Russia people are interested in the German culture. Since 1991, there have been classes studying German as their mother tongue in the academy for educational professions, for example. In Saratov you can find a German House and a branch of the Goethe-Institute.

How to apply for an internship in Saratov?

Please ask for our information brochure with additional information. Representative@fec-tc.ru For applying please follow the steps described there.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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