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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

We will support you in successfully entering the Russian market!

Marketing in Russia/ Market Research

You would like to enter the Russian market or increase your business activities in Russia? Do you need qualified adviсe on your marketing campaign or support in your business activities?

Funds of European Cooperation will help you to reach your aims quickly- because time is money!

We will collect all information on your target market. We will develop marketing strategies and programs, no matter what your company is aiming at. On demand, we will also help you to implement them.

Market research

• Collecting all necessary information

• Analyzing business locations and markets

• Analyzing target groups, analysing supply and demand

• Analyzing competition on the target market

• Evaluating sales figures for your products and services in Russia

(more information will follow).


• Developing strategies to launch your products on the Russian market or checking your exsisting plans (strategy-audit)

• Supporting you in firmly establishing your products and services on the Russian market

• Developing marketing programs and plans for financing

Marketing-Mix: marketing campaigns and programs

• Marketing-Mix: evaluating range of products and services, fixing prices, terms and conditions, organizing distribution and communication

• Making up plans to increase sales and to improve relations to customers

• Coordinating communication with your Russian business partners in accordance with Russian terms and habits.

Implementation of marketing programs

• Marketing: finding new customers, improving relations to customers, advertisement, promotion etc. (please refer to marketing)

• Business partner search (please refer to business partner search)

• Starting business relations (please refer to trade representation and export-import)

Monitoring: permanent market observation

• Comparing leading enterprises on the market concerning the quality of their products and their product range

• Analyzing top enterprises

• Finding all important factors leading to success in your specific market sector

• Analyzing assets and drawbacks of your company

• Testing if customers are satisfied with your products and services

• Checking profitability of marketing campaigns and services

Market Research

You would like to expand your business activities to Russia or other foreign markets? Do you need first information on or a detailed research of your target market in order to make the right decisions?

Funds of Europaean Cooperation will collect all necessary information to check your business plans concerning profitability and risks. We will collect all data, choose the right information and analyze it for your individual purpose.

Make use of our knowledge

Make use of our knowledge of the Russian market and our experience to do business successfully. We will help you to get to know your target market and place you in a good position towards your competitors when introducing your products or services to the Russian market. We will inform you what effects different products, services, technologies, ways of distribution and financing will have on your target market and on your expansion plans. We will inform you how to use current trends and developments profitably.

We offer you our experience in the following sectors:

General information (We will describe the market situation on your target market to help you to make the right desicions):

• Numbers of population, shifts in values and general trends

• Economical frame conditions: purchasing power, inflation, trade barriers

• Technological level, level of technical equipment

• Ecological measurements: reducing waste production, emission control, etc.

• Political situation

• Legal situation

• Level of scientific research and development

Market research (We will collect all important data of your target market and analyze it):

• Market capacity for your products and services

• Market sectors and market niches

• Past development, current situation, future trends on the market

• Supply and demand, satisfaction of the market

• Numbers of production

• Import-export statistics

• Possible difficulties to be faced when entering or leaving the market

• Product requirements (types, conditions, certificates, quality controls etc)

• National and international competition

• Ways of distribution

• Useful addresses and contacts

Competition on the market (We will analyze current competition on your target market to help you to fix the time for your market launch):

• Direct and potential competitors

• Numbers and market shares

• Important data: staff, turnover, business partners, customers

• Competitors` position and behaviour on the market

• Product range, quality of the products offered

• Prices, terms and conditions of payment, discounts, etc,

• Ways of distribution, service, marketing

• Resources of your competitors

• Factors leading to business success on the respective markets

Supply and demand on your target market (We will analyze all wishes and requirements of your target groups):

• Indicating number of potential customers in different business sectors

• Indicating where most of them live and work

• Analyzing supply and demand as well as product requirements

• Evaluating demand for quality and new products on your target market

• Checking to what prices customers are willing to buy

• Testing possible success of your products among potential customers

Detailed information:


Before launching your products and services on the Russian market, we would suggest you to do a pre-market-check. Then you will see if you are going to be successful on the Russian market.

• We will collect information from experts

• We will introduce your products and services to some potential customers and dealers. We will provide you with minutes from meetings, talks and negotiations

• We will collect statistical data, information on import regulations etc.

• We will analyze competition on the market

• We will inform you about possible ways of distribution and estimated sales figures for your products

• We will inform you about important trade fairs, magazines, associations, etc.

Search for local business partners

According to the results of the pre-market-check, we will now help you to find adequate business partners in Russia.

Current market position of your company

• We will analyze your current market share

• We will analyze your general market potential

• We will evaluate assets and drawbacks of your company (products, sales figures, marketing)

• We will find the best position for your company on the Russian market.

Customers` satisfaction

• We will test if your customers are satisfied with your products

• We will look for possible problems and try to solve them

• We will advize you on how to improve relations to your customers

Learn from the best!

• We will analyze top enterprises on your target market

• We will analyze their stories of success

• We will advize you on how to strengthen your market position

Permanent market observation

• We will observate your competitors. We will inform you about their plans, events and publications. We will provide you with all news about them.

• We will look for new trends in production and distribution, technical developments, etc.

• We will collect important information from different media and provide you with articles form qualified magazines and newspapers

System for continued market observation:

• We will find out what information will be most relevant for your company

• We will find the best news sources

• We will create and maintain a system for continued market observation

We will analyze your possiblities on the Russian market! Tell us what you want and we will tell you what you need. Let us work together in order to successfully doing business in Russia.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contactus.

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