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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Foreign trade consulting, individual tips for exporting, investing in and cooperating with Russian companies, adviсe in legal and fiscal affairs

Support in exploring the Russian market

You would like to enter the Russian market successfully and therefore you need practical adviсe and support for your business activities? Are you thinking of investing in or cooperating with Russian companies and are you looking for good adviсe and support? Do you have questions concerning the Russian tax system or jurisdiction? Do you need legal support?

Funds of European Cooperation specializes on advizing foreign companies that are interested in entering the Russian market. We will help you to explore the Russian market, to find cooperation partners or to found your own company, branch or outlet of your company in Russia. We will also manage all business activities of foreign companies in Russia. We will try to solve any problem occuring. We will give you good adviсe and will always be prepared to help you afterwards.

We will take up responsibility for your success!

Foreign trade consulting: general questions

• questions concerning export and import regulations

• sales and delivery contracts, terms and conditions of payment and delivery

• billing, foreign exchange rate risks, issueing letters of credit

• investment possibilities

• foreign trade and tariff regulations

• insurances, certificates, letters of origin, debt guarantees

• preparation of documents

• coordination of shipment and delivery

• governmental financial support for foreign trade activities

Support in exploring the Russian market

Funds of European Cooperation will help you to introduce your products and services to the Russian market. We will analyze your chances and risks and will provide you with all necessary information. Then you will be able to make the right decisions at low risk. We will help you to develop the best strategies for entering the Russian market and promoting your products and services there. On demand, we will help you to establish all necessary business relations and we will support you in actually doing business in Russia.

Check of export possibilities, market research:

Please refer to marketing and market research

Development business strategies in Russia:

• analyzing your products and services, evaluating assets and drawbacks, pointing to competetive edges in your market sector

• giving advice on how to make use of your assets and conceal your drawbacks, introducing possibilities for rationalisation

• advizing you on your Russian product range

• helping you to increase business activities in Russia

• developing strategies for successfully doing business in Russia, market research

Tips for successfully entering the Russian market and establishing your products and services there

• exploring the Russian target market: developing entering strategies (in accordance with conditions for entering the market and barriers), checking your current strategies (strategie-audit)

• planing your business activities in Russia (business plans, budget plans)

• marketing: introducing your products and services to the Russian market and promoting them there, (please, also refer to marketing and consulting)

• starting cooperating with Russian business partners: providing your with companies` profiles and finding adequate business partners (please refer to Searching for business partners)

• assessing costs and profits

• finding out how your Russian competitors are expected to react on your market launch


checking if already existing business plans could be implemented, deriving from simply investigating products (checking possibilities for selling and buying your products) to investigating whole investment plans.

• checking business locations, raw material supply, level of education, profitability, investment possibilities, assets

• doing market research

• developing business plans, including plans for financing, analyzing costs and profits

• analyzing possible risks

• judging your plans and projects

Advice on investing in and cooperating with Russian companies

Funds of European Cooperation will support all companies interested in doing business in Russia. We will help you in finding the ideal business location or company to invest in. We will support you in establishing successful business relations to Russian companies.

Founding and investing in joint ventures

• investigating in business locations and markets

• offering investment tips or support in finanical transactions and in finding adequate banks

• supporting you in finding and choosing adequate properties and objects for investing in

• supporting you in dealing with authorities

• organizing visits and business trips to Russia

• searching for qualified potential business partners

• supporting you in communicating with your Russian business partner in meetings and negotiations

• supporting you in founding companies and preparing business contracts

Cooperating with a Russian company

• looking for qualified potential business partners

• organising visits and business trips to Russia

• supporting you in communicating, negotiating and preparing business contracts

• supporting you in recruiting staff

Business locations

• collecting data from several business locations

• helping to find adequate business locations and commercial properties

• organizing visits to business locations and commercial properties

Advice in legal and fiscal affairs

Funds of European Cooperation will also support you in legal affairs. We will provide you with legal and tax consultants, attorneys, lawyers, notaries and professional interpreters. They will be perfectly able to help you to answer all questions and solve all problems connected with your business activities in Russia.

• you will be able to get individual legal advice in all legal affairs in connection with economy, foreign trade, labels, legal forms of companies, work, settlement

• you will get advice on how to found a company and you will be supported in founding a company, branch or outlet of your company

• you will get legal support in preparing business contracts

• you will get legal advice on contract breaches

• you will get legal support in court

Advice in fiscal affairs

• individual information on taxes and tariffs

• refund of Russian value added tax

It is very important for us to give you qualified advice you can absolutely rely on. We would like to help you to make your decisions more easily and to support your plans of expanding your business activities. After developing your strategies we will also help you to implement them (trade representation, business partner search, marketing, market observation).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contactus.

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