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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

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We will provide you with the following references on demand:

ministry for economic development and trade in Saratov Region (Saratov, Russia)

association for international economic cooperation in Baden-Wuerttenberg/Germany (GWZ, Stuttgart, Germany)

Thüringer Außenwirtschaftsfördergesellschaft GmbH (TAF, Erfurt, Germany), association for foreign trade development in Thueringen/Germany

delegation of the German economy in Russia (AHK-office (German chamber of foreign trade) in Moscow/Russia)

non-profit organisation of the German economy for intercultural cooperation in Bonn (senior experts service: SES, Bonn, Germany)


Letter of Recomendation

In autumn 2002, the Thueringer Aussenwirtschaftsfoerdergesellschaft mbH in cooperation with the Ministery for Economy, Work and Infrastructure in Thueringen organized the visit of Thueringen`s head of government to Saratov as well as a trade mission in order to find cooperation partners for companies in Thueringen at the same time.

We chose Funds of European Cooperation, represented by Mr Alexander Chapochnikov, to be our partner in Russia for organizing this event .The Ministery for Economy in Saratov strongly recomended Mr Alexander Chapochnikov because of his good relations to others ministries and authorities and his experience in cooperating with German enterprises. Mr Chapochnikov represents the German Senior Expert Service (SES, Bonn). In addition to that, he has good relations to local Russian enterprises and organisations as well as to several joint ventures located in the Volga Valley Region.

While preparing the trade mission, Funds of European Cooperation performed the following tasks

analyzing the Russian market and the competitiveness of products and services offered by companies from Thueringen there

searching for potential Russian business partners according to the requirements of the participants in the trade mission

developing plans and strategies for the German companies for successfully entering the Russian market based on the results from the market research

organizing a contact event for companies from Saratov and Thueringen in cooperation with the local government and the delegation of German economy in Russia (Moscow)

organizing visits of German participants in the trade mission to companies in Saratov and business meetings

offering tranlation and interpreting services, simultanously interpreting of speaches and talks, interpreting in negotiations with Russian business partners, preparing and translating various documents,marketing and information material

writing final reports

While cooperating with us, Funds of European Cooperation proofed to be able to perform all tasks mentioned above professionally and in time. The qualified FEC-staff members are experienced in working together with European business partners and in intercultural communication, which is very important for international business. In addition to that, they have a very good knowledge of the situation on the Russian market.

Funds of European Cooperation proofed to be a very good and flexible partner paying great attention to the requirements of its customers.

Therefore, the Thueringer Aussenwirtschaftsfoerdergesellschaft, will continue working together with Funds of European Cooperation in supporting business and trade relations between German and Russian enterprises.

We would like to thank you very much for your help and are looking forward to future cooperation.

Hans Jörg Hoffman


03 March 2003

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