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Use new software to accelerate business processes!

Programing, Developing Software and Program Elements

Would you like to improve your business activities by accelerating business processes?

SROO Funds of European Cooperation in cooperation with SoftMajor develops professional software and program elements using sophisticated computer technologies.

We offer to develop programs that support your company in managing resources:

• We analyze companies.

• We develop information systems for enterprises.

• We develop software for electronical information management.

• We develop additional software and program elements of all levels.

steps in developing your software or program element

1.1. analyzing our customers thoroughly

This step will be necessary for finding ways of how to improve your business activities. Before accelerating several business processes, our experts will analyze the inner and outer structure of your company. They will advize you on where improvements are necessary and possible. For analyzing your company we will refer to material we receive from you or we will talk directly to employees and managers of your company.

1.2. creating a new image scheme

Our experts will create a new scheme for your company depending on the results derived from analyzing your company. This scheme will include all possible ways for improving business activities.

1.3. submitting an offer

Our customer will now be able to decide on accelerating one or more business processes. Then we will submit a firm offer, including prices and time frame for developing the specific software. If our customer will not come to a decision immediately, we will submit an offer stating all kinds of possible improvements as well as all respective prices and time frames.

1.4. developing structure for your database

After aggreeing on which business processes to accelerate, our experts will make up a plan describing all functions and tasks of the new system in detail. Then they will work out the structures of all databases implemented in the new system. These plans will be shown to our customer before we continue with our work.

1.5. developing your software

According to your order, our qualified computer experts will now develop the software or program element and test it.

1.6. writing the user manual for your software

After developing the software, we will provide you with the user manual including detailed instructions for the software administrator and final user.

1.7. testing your new software

We will hand over the finished products as well as all necessary information material to our costumer, who will now test it. The costumer will be able to test the software within the period stated in the order.

1.8. improving and altering your new software

Our experts will immediately alter and improve the software if there are any problems detected within the testing period.

1.9. putting it into use

After finishing all testing, the software and all information material is handed over to the customer.

1.10. guarantee

If there are any problems detected within 3 months after officially putting the new software into use, our experts will fix everything free of charge.

prices and time frames

Prices and period for developing your software or computer program will depend on size and complexity of the different program elements. We will calculate all prices individually for each customer. Payment can be effected in installments.

Prices for analyzing the business activities of our customers are not included in the prices for developing the software or program element and will be charged extra. .

Our qualified experts develop software and computer programs that will absolutely meet our costumers` requirements, no matter how sophisticated they are!

For detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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