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With a homepage of high quality you will be successful in the internet!

Webdesign, different types of websites

Would you like to present your company in the internet?

SROO Funds of European Cooperation in cooperation with Design-Studio SoftMajor designs professional websites and promotes them afterwards.

Homepages are to be differenced by the following criteria: quality of design, number of pages, services offered, quality of information offered, quality of graphical elements .

You can choose between one of the following kinds of websites or ask for your own individual project:

• design with templates (top quality!)

• design adjusted to costumer`s individual requirements:

• business card

• small business website

• medium business website

• large VIP website

• exclusive website

• online shop

• individual projects

Prices for designing websites are listed below. Nevertheless, each website will be individual and prices will depend on your requirements to your website. Prices will also depend on research and development work. Please contact us and we will submit your personal offer for designing your website.

Prices for designing your website will include: system of administration for your website, Registering your website with the most important search engines, additional services for promoting your website.


design with templates of high quality.

main contents of website:

• about us

• news/ our customers/ our partners

• products/ services

• contact

• contact sheet

size: 10 to 20 pages

website will be designed in 5 workdays

business card

nice, individual design, offering main information about your company:

main contents of website:

• about us

• products/ services

• contact/ how to find us

• contact sheet

• downloading of price lists (samples for contracts etc.)

size: up to 10 pages

website will be designed in 5 workdays

small business website

businesslike, informative design, offering detailed information about your company:

• about us

• news

• products/ services (contents on several pages)

• pricelist (for big companies also in hierarchical order)

• contact sheet

• contact/ how to find us

• additional pages on demand (job offerings/ our partners etc.)

size: up to 10 pages

website will be designed in 5 workdays

medium business website

sophisticated design, detailed lists and descriptions of products, additional services

main contents of website:

• about us

• news

• products and services (contents on several pages)

• our partners/ customers

• our products (different groups, information on every article and product, pictures, photos, online ordering and calculation of prices).

• contact sheet

• job offerings (including application form to fill in online)

• contact (important addresses, phone and fax numbers, names of contact persons, photos,),/ how to find us, map


• search within your website

• quick links to all pages

size: up to 25 pages

website will be designed in 15 to 20 workdays

price: about 950 Euro

large VIP website

sophisticated style, sophisticated graphic work, professional program elements, offering all information and additional services.

main content of website:

• about us

• news

• services (contents on several pages)

• our products (different groups, detailed information on all articels and products, pictures and photos, online ordering of products and price calculations).

• our partners/customers, letters of recommendation and references

• job offerings (list of jobs offered, online application)

• contact (company`s address, names and contact information of contact persons, photos), How to find us, map, email forms

• forum (communication by submitting texts)

• chat (online communication)


altering of contents and structures of your websites .


• search within your website

• sending information/ sending email-newsletters to registered users

• sending emails to registered groups of users

• access to certain information only by entering password

• search for certain information by registered users only

• opinion polls

size: unlimited

website will be designed in 20 to 30 days

price: 1450 Euro

exclusive website

highly individual design concerning style and functions (portals), highly sophisticated contents, for example:

• slide show: visual presentation of your enterprise, products and activities (photos, presentations etc)

• flash intros of sophisticated level

• interactive communication system between web-administor and user

• highly sophisticated email distribution systems

• trade systems, auctions

• search for other internet pages

• online contacts

individual prices and time frames

internet shop

An internet shop is usually part of a business website and offers the possibility to choose products, get information on prices and terms and conditions of payment, to order your products online and to pay online.

Prices and time frames for designing an internet shop depend on your individual requirements.

different types of internet shops:

internet shop windows

This is for advertisement purpose only. There is no possibility of ordering products online. Customers are supposed to take a look at different products and order them by telephone, fax or buy them in direct trade.


• presenting an unlimited range of products

• showing graphics, photos, offering detailed information or technical documentation about your products

• search for product lists and information on different products

• various possibilties for offering your products

• contact sheet

online shopping:

Your customer will have the possibility to choose products and to order them online. In conclusion he is supposed to confirm his order by telephone, fax or email. Then your company will continue to complete his order. Further activities, your customer is supposed to do offline can be described.


• characteristics mentioned on top (internet shop window)

• shopping basket

• user registration

• archiv of past orders of registered users

• possiblitiy to observe processing of orders

• extended search: choose products by entering certain criterias, compare prices and manufacturers etc.

• price calculations including sum, terms of payment and delivery, discounts, etc.

• program element for price calculations

• email system/ sending email newsletters to registered users

• confirmation of orders

completely automatical online shopping:

Your customer will go through the whole purchasing process online, deriving from placing an order to effecting payment and receiving the products. Your customers data is saved in your database. Orders are generated automatically. Products will be prepared for shipping. Stocktaking will be adjusted to demand. All necessary work will be done.


• characteristics mentioned above (internet shop window)

• characteristics mentioned above (online shopping)

• connection between company`s website and database ( database can also be developed by us)

• confirmation of order

• description of all payment possiblities

• system for effecting payment online (credit cards)

Our offer will be of advantage to you!

Our prices for designing your website already include the following services (many companies will charge additional costs for those services)

• designing your complete website

• putting information on your website in accordance with the structure of the website and our customers` instructions.

• developing the administration system of your website

• collecting defining words and registering your website with 20 search engines and brochures

• hosting your website with a provider

• supervising administration system

• offering complete technical support for up to two months after finishing design your website.

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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