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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

We build brigdes to Russia!

Contact Events and Business Trips

You would like to do research of the Russian target market yourself and get your own impressions or establish first business contacts?

Meeting each other personally at first has always been the best start for successful business relations. Funds of European Cooperation organizes contact events and business trips to various regions in Russia. There, you will have the opportunity to talk directly to interested companies about future cooperation. Before your actual visit to Russia, we will look for potential business partners, who meet your requirements and pay for all necessary preparation and organisation work.

We will provide you with all necessary contacts and organize visits and meetings with independent experts of your business sector, potential customers, suppliers or business partners, with national authorities and, if required, with local competitors. You can avoid expensive misunderstandings which might occur later, from the very beginning by relying on the help of FEC experts, who speak Russian and know the Russian culture and who will accompany you. Then you will be able to evaluate all risks and chances and to make the right decisions.

Business trips

It is always difficult to organize the frame program for foreign visitors. Please concentrate on your business negotiations! We will do the rest!

•We will plan your business meetings:

We will choose potential business partners (generally depending on market research and business partner search in advance and fix the time for your meetings

•We will organize your business meetings:

We will develop a time and cost efficient travel plan, choose adequate means of transport and buy tickets, book hotel rooms, prepare conferences, organize a frame program

•We will care for you while you are in Russia

We will meet you at the airport or train station and take you to your hotel. We will provide you with our translation and interpreting services as well as with our negotiation support service. We will explain and teach you all Russian customs and habits.

•We will care for you afterwards:

We will discuss the results of your trip with you and we will advize you on which steps to take next.

Contact events

Funds of Europeaen Cooperation organizes contact events in the Volga Valley Region. Events like that usually save time and money. Participants consider them to be very useful concerning the establishment of first business contacts .

Reference project: November 2002: We organized the trade mission of businessmen from the German Bundesland Thueringen to Saratov region and a contact event. About 100 small- and medium-sized companies from the German Bundesland Thueringen and from Saratov region took part in this event. We analyzed the respective regional market for all German companies and found qualified business partners. All participants were introduced in detail in our event brochure. For two days the companies`representatives had the chance to meet each other and establish first personal contact. We arranged all meetings. .

Reference project, July 2003, We organized the trade mission of businessmen from the German Bundesland Baden-Wuerttemberg to Saratov. About 100 enterprises from Baden-Wuerttemberg and Saratov took part in this event. We analyzed the respective markets for all German enterprises and looked for qualified business partners. We organized a contact event in order to offer the participants in this trade mission the possibility to meet each other personally.

Trips to explore new markets

Potential investors may be interested in trips to explore new markets and compare business loations. In different events and meetings with experts and authorities, potential investors can collect all necessary information on local administration and services, founding requirements for a joint venture or branch, money transfer, taxes and tariffs, export and import licences, local markets and export possibilities, level of education and labour costs, local infrastructure, examples of current technical and economical cooperation between Russian and foreign companies.

You have the opportunity to take a close look at the market possibilities, the political background, the economical situation and the structuring of market sectors.

Our customers will be able to choose appropriate dates, locations and topics for their business meetings

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us..

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