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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

We will find the right business partner!

Investing and Taking Over

Your company is subject to high labour costs and would like to profit from the income gap between Western and Eastern Europe? You would like to shift part of your production to Russia and, therefore, you are looking for a company to take over or for a partner to found a joint venture?

For some companies founding their own branch is too risky or demands extensive amounts of money and time. Sometimes there are other reasons like the company`s philosophy or bad knowledge of customs and cultural habits in their target country. Take the opportunity to strengthen the market position of your company by cooperating with Russian business partners!

We will put you in contact with Russian companies and coordinate all negotiations if required.

Finding companies to invest in or take over

• Selecting companies after analyzing business factors including business locations

• Analyzing the candidates` companies, economical frame data of the companies, level of technical equipment, customers, references

• Contacting selected candidates after testing their qualification

• Detailed investigation on top favorites by evaluating their legal, economical and financial situation, analyzing the companies` administration work, analyzing the companies` past, analyzing bilance sheets and profit and loss statements, analyzing range of products and services, evaluating markets, analyzing profit exspectations and estimated expenses, analyzing development of profitability, reviewing cash-flow-analysis,

• Coordinating and supervising all negotiations leading to a business contract, advizing your in all legal and fiscal affairs.

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