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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Learn the Russian language in the country where it is spoken native!

Russian Course in Russia: group Russian courses 2005 in Russia

Stydy Russian in Russia: Russian group courses in Saratov 2008 –

Russian language and culture:

Language study + active free time program.

Please see study & leisure program for Russian summer course 2005 in Russia

Dear Russian learner and interested in Russian culture!

You have now a unique opportunity to learn Russia more closely: the country, its culture and history, its people and language.

SROO „Funds of European Cooperation“ offers 3 weeks’ Russian courses in Saratov, on the bank of the great Russian river Volga. During this time, you will take Russian lessons from experienced Russian teachers, see the sights in the Saratov area, taste national cuisines of Russian nations and have further possibilities. A wide spectrum of summer entertainment is available to you: sport activities, sailing, fishing, discos etc. You also will get know the culture of ethnic German of the Volga-Region (there was a autonomic German Volga-Republic with its capital in Marks at the beginning of the 20th century). Besides of Russian lessons, nice weather, beautiful Volga-river, national cuisine and various trips and excursions welcome you to Saratov.

Beginning of 3 weeks’ course: 12th of July, 2nd of August 2004, alternative dates on requestCosts of 3 weeks’ summer group course: all inclusive 860 EUR per person (incl. Russian lessons, accommodation with full boarding, visa support, support during your stay in Russia, leisure & culture program!

What you can expect:

Russian lessons in the native language area. Accommodation and lessons take place in a holiday home on the Volga River, where many Russians are on holiday, too, so you will have much contact to Native Speaker.

Accommodation in a ecological place on the Volga River.

Friendly support during your whole stay in Saratov.

An active free time program is included in our program (water trips on Volga, sport activities, fishing, water sport, visit to a national park, city excursions etc.)

Culture program includes getting known the history and literature of Russian nation as well as Volga- Germans.

Russian summer courses: 3 weeks’ group and one-to-one lessons

Russian courses are offered for learners from beginner to advanced level. The goal is to learn Russian as well as to gain insights into culture of the country, living art and mentality of its people. Russian lessons are given by experienced teachers in groups (max. 10 learners, 20 lessons per week, from Monday to Friday). After your arrival, your Russian skills will be tested to accommodate you into the right learners’ group. It’s also possible to have an influence on choice of course contents (for example certain topics or grammar points), so that the course content will fit to individual wishes of the learner’s group as much as possible. On your request you can also take lessons in a small group or one-to-one lessons.

Accommodation summer group course:Holiday home on the Volga River (by Saratov).

Costs: all inclusive 860 EUR incl. Russian lessons, accommodation with full boarding and free time program with city excursions and trips, so your expenses are fully clear! Please see for further information “Info costs Russian courses 2004”.

Your additional costs only: consulate fee for visa (depending on processing time of the consulship), travel costs (flight, train or bus transfer).

Russian lessons: one-to-one lessons are available the whole year round One-to-one Russian lessons are available in Saratov (and in Moscow) at any time. Lessons and free time program can be organized individually. Accommodation: guest families/ sanatorium. Please request us to organize an individual program for you regarding your specific wishes!

Application for our Russian course

Please send your application at last 4-6 weeks before beginning of the course. We recommend an early application for summer courses 2004. Visa formalities take some time and travel possibilities are most booked in advance in the summer (especially direct connections with plane and train to Saratov).

For request us for complete course information with application forms via email to representative@fec-tc.ru (with the key word „application Russian course Saratov“).

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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