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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Get extraordinary qualifications for your professional career

Available internship positions

We offer you internship positions

- in Saratov and Moscow:

 in companies of the industrial sector (also with foreign capital)

 on the service sector

 in non-profit organisations

- in Saratov only:

 in the administration of Saratov-Region (regional government).

Generally, there are internships in any field and position available!

Any internship program can be planed individually!

Your internship should at least last 2 weeks.

You can do your internship in more than one company while staying in Russia.

In Moskow : due to the huge number of companies interested in international interns there is no list of available internship positions. The companies will be selected individually depending on the information on jobposition, skills required and special wishes they stated in their application. There are always internships available in: natural science, science of art, economy, law and banking.

Internship positions in Saratov available at the moment are listed below. Contents and topics of your internship can be chosen in accordance with the comanies and organisations mentioned.

Available internship positions in Saratov

Company Profile

Industrial companies: Supplier of the automotive industry (with German capital investments)

Production of detergents (with German capital investments)

Production of buses

Production of rubber parts for the automotive industry

Food manufacturing

Manufacturing of alcoholic beverages

Manufacturing of tobaco products (with foreign capital investments)

Manufacturing of articles made of fur

Manufacturing of punches

Trade&Marketing: Marketing in several industrial companies

Wholesale and retail trade of food

Service sector: Internet-services, regional und international telephone services, telecommunication equipment

Informationtechnologies, programing

Exhibitions, international trade fairs

Staff sector/ recruiting

Organisation of they citys` beauty contests

Administration/ authorities: Regional chamber of industry and commerce, external relations of the region concerning industry, science and technic

Non-profit-organisations Academical theater

Theater for the Young Audience

Art museum

History museum of Saratov region (in Saratov region there used to be a German republic)

In some of these companies it is possible to do internships without being able to speak Russian !!!

We can also organize internships in other companies and organisations. We will pay special attention to your profession, your wishes and requirements!

How to apply for an internship in Russia?

Please request our full information about our internship program with application forms by sending us an email to praktika@fec-tc.ru For applying please follow the steps described there.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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