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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Placement Costs for the Internship


What are the expenses of an internship in Russia?

The FEC-charge for organization of your internship program and support of your stay in Saratov/ Moscow.

Russian course costs, if you also book such a course.

Self-financing of your stay in Saratov/ Moscow because internship programs in Russian enterprises are usually not paid or paid very little.

Note: For the financial support of your internship program in Russia, you can get grants from various funds of your home country. (for example in Germany: DAAD, Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft, BAfäG and other founds). Uppon request we give you all Documents your these organizations need (like internship contract, project description, rent contract etc.).

Note: You get a possibility to earn some supplementary money to partially cover your living cexpenses: you can give lessons of your mother tongue to private people (no matter how long or short your stay in Russia is) or at the foreign language department of universities and colleges (if your internship is not shorter than 2 months). Attention: you can get some money for this, but it won’t cover all travel & living expenses!

Usually internees don’t get paid in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, there are possibilities to apply for scholarships in your home country. Please contact the responsible organizations directly. We will be happy to supply you with any documents you might require, e.g. contracts about the internship or renting a flat.

Living in Saratov is cheaper than in most Western European Countries. Transport averages at about 20 Cent per busride, a beer at a bar is about 1,50 Euro, a loaf of bred costs about 20 Cent. Other groceries are not quite as cheap, but still less expensive than elsewhere.

Placement Costs for the Internship

Prices since 01.01.2011


price in Saratov

price in Moscow

FEC-Commission for finding an intership according to your specifications for a period of 2 months

200 EUR deposit

300 EUR comission after finding the internship

(total 500 EUR)

200 EUR deposit

300 EUR comission after finding the internship

(total 500 EUR)

additional organizational cost after the second month

100 EUR / months

100 EUR / months

second internship placement

150 EUR

250 EUR

Please request our full information about our internship program with application forms by sending us an email to praktika@fec-tc.ru For applying please follow the steps described there.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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