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Internships and Russian courses

Internships and Russian courses in Russia: Saratov, Samara, Volgograd or Moscow

Do you want to take part in an internship program in Russia, one of the most interesting regions of the world, to get acquainted with the Russian culture or improve your knowledge of Russian?

An internship in Russia will provide you with a unique experience for your carrier and intercultural competence! Funds of European Cooperation SROO offers individual internship programs for foreign students/trainees/employees in Moscow, Samara or Volgograd in the center of Russia.

What makes Russian interesting for an internship?

Russia is a unique country with a dynamically developing economy. The internship programs in Russia are a great chance to get a unique professional experience, to improve your knowledge of Russian language, to get to know the rich Russian culture and interesting history of this country and also appreciate the famous Russian hospitality.

Moscow is the capital of Russia and a real pearl of world culture. You can connect your internship program/ language course with many leisure and culture possibilities. The only disadvantage: living in Moscow can be quite expensive, as in every capital of the world.

Saratov is a unique city situated in the European part of Russia on the bank of the great Russian river Volga. Rich cultural history, wonderful nature and active urban life will make your internship in Saratov an unforgettable time of your life. (See Information about Saratov)

What does Fund of European Cooperation SROO offer?

We organize and support your internship in Saratov, Samara or Moscow. We help you with any questions or problems you can get.

We arrange your internship

We issue an official "invitation letter" for your visa application

We book your accommodation in a Russian host family / hotel/ sanatorium/ apartment

We support you during your stay in Russia

We organize rRssian language courses, if you want

Organization of cultural program & leisure time, if you want

Organization of any supplementary program concerning your wishes.

In what companies and organizations can you serve your internship?

We offer you internship programs in industrial enterprises of all branches (Russian and joint ventures with foreign capital), in the service sector of economy, in non-profit organizations and in the public administration. During your stay we can also organize internship programs in several companies, which will allow you to widen your horizon and collect practical experience.

Internships are possible in all areas. We'll offer you an internship program fitting your specialisation, individual demands and wishes. You can be sure, you'll do an internship in the area you have demanded in your application form.

(See Available Internship Programs)

How long can your Internship in Russia last?

• · The internship can last from 2 weeks up to several months.

Do you have to have good knowledge of the Russian language?

· Not necessary. Even if you speak no Russian or hardly any Russian at all, you can do your internship in Russia – e.g. in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or in one of the numerous joint ventures (Russian-American, Russian-German, Russian-French and other joint ventures), but also in many Russian companies with connections to foreign companies, where you would be able to communicate in your mother tongue or in English.

Possible languages of your internship are Russian, German, English, French, on special request also other languages.

Can you also attend a supplementary Russian course?

Do you want to learn your first Russian basics or refresh, use and expand your existing Russian skills? Then we'll organize a Russian language course for you to prepare intensivly or to accompany your internship program, available for different levels (basics, beginner, intermediate, advanced; common language & business language). The lessons are taught by high-qualified specialists with many years of experience in teaching Russian.

What are the expenses of an internship in Russia?

The FEC-charge for organization of your internship program and support of your stay in Saratov/ Moscow.

Russian course costs, if you also book such a course.

Self-financing of your stay in Saratov/ Moscow because internship programs in Russian enterprises are usually not paid or paid very little.

Note: For the financial support of your internship program in Russia, you can get grants from various funds of your home country. (for example in Germany: DAAD, Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft, BAfäG and other founds). Uppon request we give you all Documents your these organizations need (like internship contract, project description, rent contract etc.).

Note: You get a possibility to earn some supplementary money to partially cover your living cexpenses: you can give lessons of your mother tongue to private people (no matter how long or short your stay in Russia is) or at the foreign language department of universities and colleges (if your internship is not shorter than 2 months). Attention: you can get some money for this, but it won’t cover all travel & living expenses!

How early do you have to apply?

That depends, whether and for which duration you need a visa for Russia. You have to add time for internship organization (2-4 weeks as a rule), for issuing of an "invitation letter" (from 1 day up to 40 days for longer internships) and visa issuing (from 1 day) as well as time for your travel prearrangement.

Please apply for your internship 2-3 months before your wished internship beginning, application within shorter time can be only handled after FEC-agreement. The main rule: the earlier the better! Then you have enough time for all formalities and for a good travel prearrangement.

How can you apply for an internship in Russia?

Please request our full information about our internship program with application forms by sending us an email to praktika@fec-tc.ru For applying please follow the steps described there.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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