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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Our experts will inform you!

Information research

Do you need information on Russia or other countries? Do you need information about business partners and customers? We are experts.

Next to collecting information on assets, land and workforce, it is very important to know the economic situation in your target country. In order to successfully introduce your products and services to new markets you need reliable information on them, which are sometimes difficult to get. We will help you.

Funds of European Cooperation will provide you with current and useful information, which will help you to gain a competitive edge on your target markets. We specialize on business and economy. We will collect information from the internet, from databases, associations, organizations and qualified news sources. We will do direct research of your target markets in Russia and Germany.

Collecting addresses and information on companies worldwide

• searching for addresses

• collecting information on companies in order to find adequate business partners and customers

• providing you with short or detailed profiles of companies

• providing you with balance sheets and other important information

• providing you with publications from companies

Exploring your target markets

• first or detailed information on your target markets

• market reports, statistics

• business habits in Russia and Europe

• frame conditions for investment activities in Russia and Europe

• information on business locations for investment activities

• trade fairs in Russia and Europe

• individual market research (please, refer to market research)

Collecting information on products and services

• collecting information on products

• finding possible sources for supply, prices, terms and conditions

• asking for firm offers

• comparing prices, finding cheap suppliers and shopping possibilities ( net purchasing price for a product or group of similar products of at least 1,500 euro per each research result).

You will be charged with 40% of the amount of money you saved, if we find products sold at better prices.(if there are no better prices you will not be charged extra).

Collecting information on special topics

• collecting information from qualified media

• collecting information on your special field of business

• collecting information on your field of profession in your target country

• collecting information on your target country

Providing you with individual information

• Do you have special questions? Please, contact one of our qualified consultants!

Collecting information continously

• Do you need steady information on a special topic? Do you want to be up to date concerning the current market situation, new products and developments? Please, contact one of our consultants and we will offer you our qualified longterm sevices.

We promise to do all research work according to your wishes and at reasonable prices. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to have research work done by our FEC broker at prices you stated beforehand.

The results will be handed over to you as full texts, short overviews or reports. On demand, we will translate texts written in foreign languages. We will advize you on how to implement your business plans.(please refer to consulting).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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