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Your Company in the Internet

You would like to present your company to your Russian costumers in Russian? We will design the complete website ofyour company in Russian including all translations . We will promote your website in the internet.

Obviously, the internet is one of the most popular means of communication within different business sectors. Nevertheless, it is very important to be familiar with your target markets in order to develop the right strategies for doing business successfully. In Russia, more and more people are using the internet. Only few Russians, however, are able to communicate in English, German or other foreign languages. You will hardly be able to reach the Russian market without having a website in Russian. Therefore, we would suggest you to have your website translated into Russian.

Offer qualified, easily accessible information on your company to your future Russian business partners! Gain a competetive edge on your competitors on the Russian market! Offering your Russian business partners the possiblity to communicate with you in Russian, indicates that you are highly interested in entering the Russian market. Moreover, it will be possible to avoid misunderstandings when using a third language, like English, from the very beginning.

Funds of European Cooperation will help you to use the internet for introducing your company to the Russian market .

Your website in Russian and other languages

We offer to create the Russian version of your website. We will either translate your current website and include your Russian advertisement material or we will create a new website with special attention to your business activities in Russia.

We will also create whole new websites (in different languages) for less money than our European counterparts. Please take advantage of our excellent services.

For more information, please look at webdesign.

Email marketing in Russian

Trying to start communicating in English or in your mother tongue in your first email letters may result in loosing many interests (important potential customers or business partners). You, however, will have the possiblity to offer visitors of your website to communicate in Russian.

We would like to present our email-marketing-service to you. In addtition to your website you will be able to contact your costumers directly. We offer you to be your communication center responsible for meeting all requirements of Russian visitors to your website and to answer all inquiries of your customers in Russian. We would be glad to do all your Russian commercial correspondence by email.

The internet services of your company are now at an equal level with those of regionl or local companies or multinational groups. You will profit from all of your investments into a Russian website.

Promotion of your website

Having a Russian website is the best start for successfully establishing your company on the Russian market. In addition to that, however, it is important that your potential customers will be able to find you on the the web (primarily you should find your customers, of course). 85% of all internet users use search engines when looking for information. In Russia, there are Russian listings or/and search engines and special internet portals. It is very important for your company to obtain a top position with search engines. Then, potential Russian customers will quickly find your company when looking for products and services on the internet.

Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with Russian search engines in order to reach all potential costumers.

• Detailed research work will make it possible to find those listings, search engines, internet portals and other electronical marketplaces used most frequently by your Russian target market.

• Your website, created by us, will obtain a top position with Russian search engines.

• We will list your website on all important listings .

• We will help you to promote your new website in Russia with email campaigns. We will make sure that your costumers will get aware of your new website.


• Translation, creation, design and registration with search engines -all in one! Native speakers with exellent experience in the world of business will do all translation work.

• Style and contents with special attention to Russian cultural aspects.

• Close cooperation with your usual webdesigners in order to keep up your company`s image.

• Flexibility: All websites can be changed and updated easily and quickly. This is very important for the internet being a very fast media.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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