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—аратовска¤ губернска¤ торгово-промышленна¤ палата

Tips, strategies and plans for your success!

Marketing & Communication

Are you looking for professional support in communicating with your Russian business partners and doing marketing?

In cooperation with you, Funds of European Cooperation will develop excellent marketing strategies and implement them as well as communicate with your Russian business partners.

Only by starting marketing or advertisement campaigns that are common in Russia will you be able to find new customers there. We will introduce your products to your target group! Make use of our experience and boost your sales!

Developing marketing strategies

setting targets and developing strategies

defining your product range, setting prices, terms and conditions, developing plans for advertising

implementing plans and strategies

more information on marketing will follow

Coordinating your marketing campaigns

coordinating your marketing campaigns: launching and supervising them

helping you to buy and sell your products (please refer to export/import)

acting as your sales representative (please refer to sales representation)

doing all commerical correspondence in Russian (letters, faxes, emails), answering telephone calls in Russian (please also refer to sales representation/ back office)

creating and maintaining databases for customers`data

helping you in showing your products to the public on trade fairs and exhibitions in Russia

Finding new customers

looking for addresses

calling contact persons

contacting your target group in letters, emails, by phone or in personal talks

distributing your information material, translated and printed in Russia

collecting information in follow-up-calls

You will find more information on our website (business partner search).

Boosting sales and maintaining customers` relations

implementing plans to boost sales

sending advertisement material by post or email

publishing information on events

distributing email newsletters with information on products, current offers and news.

Promoting your products and doing advertisement

planing advertisement campaigns

creating and translating brochures, catalogues, CDs and other information material

adjusting documents, advertisement material and your website to habits and requirements of Russian customers

designing your (Russian) website (please refer to webdesign)

organizing events

introducing your products to the public in Russia and promoting them there

promoting your products in telephone calls, letters and emails

choosing adequate media for advertising

preparing your participation in exhibitions and trade fairs (registration, media work, invitations) and evaluating results (customers, media).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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